Within the commercial trucking industry there are many vehicles that run oil filled hubs

Morey Oil says the main reason people like oil bath hubs over grease hubs is the oil bath hubs have a less involved maintenance schedule than greaseable hubs which require daily maintenance.
Steering axles and oil filled hubs hold minimal amounts of oil, and left untreated this oil can tend to burn quickly.
Standard oil has more of a chance of experiencing a higher temperature, resulting in burning of the oil. If this happens you will then have the risk of hardening your seals.
Once your oil is burnt you now have a less effective oil, and an underperforming oil is not going to lubricate to the specifications it should and can cause considerable damage to your bearings.
Once your oil is burnt, it starts to harden your seals and these seals will start to crack and leak.
Leaking seals are a common cause to damaged bearings and damaged axles as there is not enough oil in the system to lubricate, leaving you with costly repairs.
Morey Oil says that when choosing an oil filled hub, you should use Morey’s Hub Oil Lubricant because you should go with a brand you can trust.
It states Morey Oil have put together the perfect blend of specialty oils and oil conditioners designed to improve the life of the Oil Filled Hubs.
It explains that Morey’s Hub Oil Lubricant has been specifically designed to assist in better lubrication, lower oil temperature, reduce seal leaks, reduce oil loss, help to rejuvenate older seals, extend wear life, keep new seals newer for a longer period of time, and also prolong your bearing life.
Morey’s Hub Oil Lubricant can also be used in steering axles and boat trailer oil filled hubs.
The Morey Oil website carries information about Morey’s Hub Oil Lubricant and other lubrication products you may need, or you can contact Morey Oil’s Brisbane Head Office for information or the details of your nearest re-seller.

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