In 2019, Morey’s Oil is celebrating the 70th anniversary of Morey’s Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

Probably Morey’s Oil’s best-known product, Morey’s Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is marketed worldwide and is still made to the original formulation developed by the late Clinton H Morey.
Morey’s Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer reportedly remains as effective today as it has been for the last 70 years, even in todays’ modern engines running modern oils.
On the subject of celebrating, Morey’s Oils says its Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Injector Cleaner is celebrating renewed interest thanks to the introduction of Ethanol Blended fuels.
When used in the fuel tanks of vehicles running low percentage ethanol blends, the product is said to help maintain fuel system health by slowing corrosion and absorbing moisture. Please note, this product is not suitable for E85 vehicles.
Other products in the Morey’s Oil range include its Diesel fuel treatment, which is compatible with all modern vehicles, including those with diesel particulate filters be they common rail or EGR.
The company says it can also offer a wide variety of greases to cover every application, stating that its Bigfoot grease is a leader in its field in the transport and industrial sectors while its Red-I Marine is extremely effective in the marine sector. Morey’s Oil also recently added a range of food grade lubricants to cater for its customers in that arena.
Morey’s Oil explains it has a network of field representatives and warehouses in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns and Leeton to ensure prompt availability of products nationwide.
The company says it has high quality control procedures with international accreditation of ISO 9001 – 14001 and all of its products are thoroughly field tested and guaranteed to perform when used as directed.

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