Industry watchdog awarded grant to ensure new mandatory data sharing scheme operates on level playing field

Australian car owners are set to benefit when Morrison Government reforms to bring down the cost of service and repair commence on 1 July 2022.
The reforms will establish a mandatory scheme for car manufacturers to share motor vehicle service and repair information with independent repairers at a fair market price. This will make the service and repair market more competitive and provide more options for car owners to choose their repairer.
The Government has appointed the Australian Automotive Service and Repair Authority Limited (AASRA) as Scheme Adviser for the mandatory scheme.
A grant of $250,000 to AASRA will assist it to establish an online portal to facilitate access to information about motor vehicle service and repair and make it easier for vehicle manufacturers to comply with their obligations under the Scheme and for repairers to access scheme information.
Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar said the Morrison Government is committed to ensuring there is a competitive automotive service and repair sector and a level playing field for independent repairers.
“The Morrison Government is partnering with industry to deliver these world-first reforms that will reduce costs for everyday Australians when they service or repair their car,” Minister Sukkar said.
“We know that cost of living is a significant issue in the community. By ensuring a more competitive industry and a level playing field for independent repairers, we are giving Australian car owners more choice, better value, and ultimately reducing how much it costs to own and drive a car.
“AASRA is uniquely placed to work on behalf of both vehicle manufacturers and repairers to facilitate the sharing of service and repair information and I look forward to working closely with AASRA as the mandatory scheme commences.”
Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Charity, thanked the Morrison Government for its work on the vehicle data-sharing scheme.
“These world-leading reforms will ensure strong competition and choice of repairer for Australia’s 20 million car owners now and into the future,” Stuart said.
“We look forward to working collaboratively with our industry colleagues in AASRA to implement mechanisms that ensure that vehicle service and repair information is shared efficiently and securely across the industry.”
AASRA is an industry-based not-for-profit company established by four peak automotive industry organisations: the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association; the Australian Automotive Dealer Association; the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries; and the Motor Trades Association of Australia.
As Scheme Adviser, AASRA will play a crucial role to assist with the operation of the mandatory scheme, including receiving information from vehicle manufacturers on what service and repair information is offered to Australian repairers and on what terms.
AASRA will also have formal functions including in relation to dispute resolution; reporting to the Government and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and providing information online about the availability of scheme information.
AAAM caught up with Minister Sukkar to discuss the grant and how it will be used to ensure a level-playing field for the entire industry, including independent service and repair businesses.

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