From Command Auto Group

Command Auto Group says its Mothers High Performance Car Care Accessories range features unique and high-quality microfibre products to complement its Mothers Polish range.
Command Auto/Mothers Polish have developed this range of accessories to satisfy the needs of even the most discerning automotive enthusiast; with high quality construction and development ensuring consumers get the perfect professional finish they expect from the Mothers product range.

The range includes nine key products:

  • Microfibre Chenille Wash Sponge and Wash Mitt – safe for use on all surfaces, soft fingers safely lift away dirt and debris. Also features soft bug scrub mesh.
  • Microfibre Chenille Wash Mitt – great for cleaning complex shapes and safe for use on all surfaces, soft fingers safely lift away dirt and debris.
  • Platinum Microfibre Towel – deluxe thick microfibre (1200gsm) is safe for all surfaces while offering a super soft, ultra-durable towel that is great for drying.
  • Microfibre Twist Drying Towel – Command Auto Group says this towel holds water like no other while providing a professional streak-free finish. It is safe to use on all surfaces.
  • Microfibre Polishing Pad – perfect for use with polishes, waxes and coatings and delivering superior performance and coverage, this pad also includes a hand pocket for maximum control.
  • Total Care Applicator Pack – perfect for applying polishes, waxes and coatings as well as protectants and tyre shine, the Total Care Applicator Pack also features a handle for increased control and comfort.
  • Ultra-Soft Polishing Cloth – this cloth is perfect for use with spray detailers and waxes, with the extra thick dual sided towel providing effortless polish and wax removal.
  • Ultra-Soft Microfibre Pack – six ultra-soft towels deliver the absolute finest finish with effortless polish and wax removal.
  • Total Care Microfibre Kit – a super absorber microfibre drying towel, spotless glass and mirror cleaning towel and a multi-purpose microfibre towel are all included in this kit.

These products reportedly ensure you have maximum control in your detailing efforts with soft, durable and safe products for use on all surfaces.
Each of the products in the range have been designed to meet modern vehicle care techniques and specifications.
Command Auto Group says the Mothers Microfibre Accessories range provides high value and results to the consumer and also to the retailer with great presentation and margin.

For more information or to secure the range for your store, please contact Command Auto Group on or 028853 2900 or visit