The company is pursuing action against Clearview Towing Mirrors Pty Ltd

MSA4x4 Accessories has commenced legal proceedings in the Federal Court against Clearview Towing Mirrors, alleging infringement of the granted Australian full patent which protects MSA4x4’s DropSlide.
MSA4x4 alleges that Clearview’s Easy Slide product copies essential features of the DropSlide patented technology.
MSA4x4 is seeking an injunction preventing Clearview from manufacturing or selling the Easy Slide, as well as damages to compensate MSA4x4 for such infringement.
MSA4X4 explains that its DropSlide is an industry first product that allows the user to safely lower and raise their fridge into or out of an elevated storage position.
The company says this “best-selling product has been the benchmark in the industry since coming to the market in 2007 and continues to be to this day.”
MSA4x4 has exclusive rights to an extensive patent portfolio, both in Australia and internationally, which protect the DropSlide and many other innovative products in MSA4x4’s range.
“We take infringement of our valuable intellectual property rights very seriously, and we will not hesitate to enforce those rights,” MSA4x4 Director, Shane Miles, said.
“We are always watching the market for copies. It is easier for our competitors to simply copy our successful product than to create something new.
“We will not stand for this. We stand up for innovators in our industry and we will do everything we can to protect our investment in innovation.”

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