Available exclusively from Repco and NAPA

Beissbarth’s new generation MT ZERO 6 series wheel balancers have been designed around the following core principles: speed, accuracy, reliability and ease-of-use.
Manufactured in Italy, stringently tested and market-proven globally, the MT ZERO 6 series is said to be the ideal wheel balancer for all workshops that service wheels, from occasional use to intensive use.
The MT ZERO 6 series wheel balancers from Beissbarth are equipped with the latest in sonar technology which is used for both tyre width detection and split weight functions (hides weight behind rim spokes).
The three on-board lasers precisely and accurately mark the exact placement location of clip-on and adhesive weights, this eliminates the guess work and potential misplacement of weights.
The automatic wheel positioning system moves the wheel into the precise position after the measurement cycle, this means no more manual positioning of the wheel after the measurement process.
There’s light at the end of the tunnel, with the on-board internal LED light ring which automatically lights-up the inside of the rim for ultimate visibility.
A real game changer is reportedly the one-touch operation, which allows the user to complete most operations with only minimal input.
The new user interface is highly intuitive and provides the user with simple clean graphics, easy to navigate menus and a wide selection of features.
The interface has been re-designed to be ultra-intuitive and work just like a modern smart phone. The touch screen model is also compatible with gloves, so no more removing of gloves to operate.
The MT ZERO 6 is available with both a 7” LCD or 22” touch Screen display.
Supplied as standard with a quick clamping system, the MT ZERO 6 series can also be supplied with a pneumatic wheel clamping system for quicker, easier and more accurate mounting.
Amongst the vast selection of optional accessories available, the most sought after is the pneumatic wheel lifter which assists with the lifting of wheels onto the wheel balancer’s shaft, making it a real back-saver and a must have accessory.
The Beissbarth MT ZERO 6 wheel balancers are available exclusively from Repco and NAPA.
Repco says it is Australia’s leading aftermarket automotive parts and accessories supplier. Since 1922, Repco has been “Driven by Passion” for all things automotive, and in 2022, celebrates 100 years of “loving all things automotive.”

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