The Super funds will be known as Spirit Super after completion of their merger on 1 April 2021

To be born out of the much-anticipated merger of MTAA Super and Tasplan, Spirit Super will be Australia’s newest Industry Super Fund with approximately $23 billion in funds under management and approximately 326,000 members across Australia.
The merger follows a successful year for MTAA Super and Tasplan, with both funds receiving Platinum ratings by SuperRatings and being named ‘Best Value for Money’ funds for 2020.
“That’s what makes this merger so exciting. This is not about a big fund absorbing a smaller fund. It is about two successful funds coming together to get even better,” MTAA Super Chief Executive Officer, Leeanne Turner, said.
“It is a true partnership that will provide a better super experience and outcomes to members across the nation.”
Leeanne was also pleased to announce a reduction in administration fees for all Spirit Super members.
“The details are being worked through, but there will be a drop in administration fees when Spirit Super kicks off. So right off the bat, members will start seeing the benefits of the merger,” Leeanne said.
Tasplan Chair Naomi Edwards said the new fund name was an important milestone to mark in the merger process.
“Our name is our future, so it was important we embraced something our members could be proud of and inspired by. I think Spirit Super nails it,” Naomi said.

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