The campaign seeks to assist Australians when evaluating used vehicles for possible purchase

Aussies’ love affair with second-hand cars has had a huge resurgence following the pandemic, but according to new research from mycar Tyre and Auto, many still find the inspection process nerve-wracking and confusing.
mycar says nearly two thirds (64 percent) of Australians are planning on buying a car in the next two years, and due to the financial constraints of the past year, over half (53 percent) are turning to second-hand options.
However, when it comes to the purchasing process, it says Australians are feeling more overwhelmed than ever, with 83 percent of second-hand car buyers concerned the car will have a mechanical fault.
The anxiety of purchasing stems from an overall lack of knowledge of what to look for when inspecting a second-hand car. The top feelings being described by Australians during the inspection process are inexperienced, anxious, and stressed.
The research findings encouraged mycar to create ‘mycar Sense Check,’ an easy-to-remember inspection guide instructing Aussies on what to look, feel, smell, and listen for when buying a second-hand vehicle.
Managing Director of mycar, Adam Pay, said he hopes the Sense Check guide will help Aussies avoid any future issues while becoming more car conscious.
“Without proper knowledge of what to look for, inspecting a second-hand car can be a very daunting task for many Australians,” Adam said.
“At mycar, we’re here to alleviate some of this anxiety by giving buyers confidence throughout the purchasing process, and guiding them through what to check for.”

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – SEPTEMBER 12: My Car shoot on September 12, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images for My Car)

The ‘mycar Sense Check’ encapsulates all the details most buyers miss when inspecting a used vehicle, to equip them with the mechanical knowledge they need to feel confident when buying used.
The research showed that outside of a test drive, most people don’t check essential vehicle functions when inspecting and purchasing their used vehicle, including 34 percent who didn’t test the radio, 29 percent who didn’t check the oil, and another 29 percent who didn’t even check the child safety features.
‘mycar Sense Check’ includes a list of all the important areas of the car, including outside, inside, under the bonnet and the engine, and guides the car buyer to use their senses as a way to inspect these areas of the vehicle, enabling them with confidence during the inspection process.

The mycar Sense Check inspection guide is free and available to access via