NAPA is proud to offer reliable brands with value for money

Since NAPA has dived into the automotive aftermarket space, it has expanded to 37 locations across Australia.
These locations offer a range of NAPA branded products, including a comprehensive suite of engine oils, timing kits, power steering kits, and filters for air, oil, fuel and the cabin.
NAPA has also announced that drive belts and other high demand workshop products will be released later this year.
NAPA Auto Parts Merchandise Manager – Filtration, David Cattunar, is very happy with the NAPA filtration range he’s developed for workshops. He is particularly proud of the quality of inclusions within the spin-on oil filter range.
“Extra sealing between the gasket and base plate increases the performance of the anti-drain-back-valve by 98%. NAPA is one of the few brands in the market that actually meets the SAE requirements for anti-drain-back valves; in many cases even the OE filters fail to meet the requirement,” David said.

“NAPA Filters are taking oil filtration to a new level. We’ve developed a new synthetic blend media for our range of oil filters, delivering a premium quality filter with optimal life, flow and efficiency.” The team behind the launch of the NAPA range in Australia is the same team that was behind the launches of OEX, RDA Brakes and Great Whites.
NAPA Auto Parts Merchandise Manager – Oil and Chemicals, Tania Karinja, is also excited about the NAPA range.
“We’ve worked with local suppliers to ensure our products meet critical Australian standards, giving workshops the confidence to use NAPA engine oils on every service. Available in 5L, 20L and 205L in synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral and diesel options, the NAPA range covers the needs of most of the Australian car parc,” Tania said.

The NAPA branded collection contributes to the wider range of products available from NAPA Auto Parts, which includes the best-known brands in the automotive aftermarket.
For more information about the NAPA branded products or the wider range of automotive specialist and mechanical brands for workshops, speak with your local NAPA Auto Parts team.

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