Quality portable refrigeration for the great outdoors

Having a reliable and high-quality refrigeration solution should be a key consideration for anybody planning serious touring, or simply to add convenience for shorter getaways closer to home – no matter what the requirements, National Luna will likely have a fridge to suit with its Legacy range.
Part of the Brown and Watson International (BWI) stable, which also includes reputable brands such as Narva, Projecta, KT Cables, KT Solar and BOAB, National Luna fridges have been manufactured in South Africa for over 30 years. They were originally designed and developed to meet the rigorous needs of the World Health Organisation for carrying vaccines, due to their low amp draw and ability to keep to very low temperatures in extremely hot, tough environments.

Individually tested
Key benefits of the National Luna Legacy range are its use of premium components, advanced manufacturing processes and intensive testing – all Legacy models undergo testing in a 43° Celsius climate-controlled chamber to ensure performance criteria are met, and that they’re ready for use in extreme Australian conditions.

Quality construction
Also aiding durability and performance is a combination of aluminium interior, tough 316-grade stainless steel exterior construction and 60mm high-density insulation for superior cooling. Unlike lesser plastic fridges that use a separate refrigeration plate, National Luna’s aluminium construction coupled with copper cooling piping, allows for a much more efficient cooling plate area. This specification helps keep temperatures stable across the whole interior; it also cuts running time and reduces temperature ‘pull down’ time when new contents are added to the fridge.
The quality components extend to low-draw compressors, which were designed by National Luna specifically for its fridges. The advanced compressors feature intelligent, programmable electronic control that automatically operates in high-speed ‘TURBO’ mode until the temperature set point is reached, after which it transitions to operate in the energy efficient idle mode, ensuring optimal power consumption. And with an AC/DC electronic power supply (with automatic switching as standard) the fridges will operate from 9.6 volts to 31.5 volts DC as well as AC voltage ranging from 100 to 240 volts.

Breadth of range
The Legacy range is available in twin bin and single bin variants. There are five choices in the single bin range beginning at 40 litres and extending to 52, 55, 80 and finally to 125 litres respectively. The dual compartment range starts with a larger 50-litre model and extends to 60, 72, 90 and 110 litres. These models feature Dual Control Technology that offer the added versatility of two separate, individually controlled fridge/freezer compartments, giving owners four setting options: freezer/freezer; fridge/fridge; freezer/fridge or fridge/freezer. Single bin models function as either a fridge or a freezer.
Brand Manager, Michelle Cochrane, said National Luna enjoyed a proud heritage while also occupying a leadership position in the market, being known for its superior quality, low amp draw, and innovation.
“National Luna has earned an excellent reputation in Australia as a manufacturer of high-quality portable refrigeration solutions, thanks to their superior construction methods, advanced technology and range versatility,” Michelle said.
“The latest Legacy models build on this proud heritage with a choice of refrigeration solutions ranging from smaller 40-litre capacity units that are ideal for weekend getaways and smaller vehicles, through to large 125-litre models that are perfect for extended touring. The ability to select between Twin Bin, and Single Bin models, gives the user flexibility for application in using as a fridge or freezer, or both. All National Luna Fridge Freezer models benefit from clever technology, durable construction, and versatility.”
National Luna’s Legacy fridges are backed by a three-year warranty and are available from and supported by a nationwide network of dealers, with a National Serviceability Network for added support.

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