This innovative kit won two prestigious awards at the show

inurZONE’s NEATO Tool Kit was recognised with two awards at the 2019 SEMA Show – taking out the runners-up award for Best New Packaging and also being awarded with a SEMA Global Media Award.
NEATO gives you an extra set of hands to increase efficiency and speed up productivity while you are actively working within arm’s reach, for when you’re ‘inurZONE’. NEATO is a multi-tool management system, that assists people actively working in a variety of industries.

“In 2018 we first exhibited NEATO at SEMA and found the reception was amazingly respectful with challenging questions that we were prepared to answer with factual answers. The reason for so many questions is because NEATO is so innovative that it visually makes people start working through their minds thoughts instantly trying to compare NEATO’s physical look with something else, then they transition into memories of pain points where they could have ultimately used NEATO’s functionality to benefit their situation over the years,” inurZONE owner, Terry Scott, said.
“Within 12 months I went back to The SEMA Show with a boxed manufactured product and we entered NEATO into the new products category to find that we were up against 3000 other highly competitive products backed by multi-million dollar companies.
“For a 100 percent Australian owned start-up like us to walk away as the winner of two awards was absolutely amazing for us. Being at the SEMA Show in 2018 was like winning the super bowl for my team and I, so coming back in 2019 and winning two awards was like going two whole seasons undefeated and winning the super bowl back to back!”

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