Tubeworx was established in 2009, by founders Mick and Sonya Horsburgh

Initially servicing industries in and around Brisbane, Queensland, Tubeworx has since grown steadily and now services customers Australia-wide and internationally.
Today the company offers a wide array of services, including 3D tube and pipe scanning.
“This sector of our business is one of the most exciting developments,” Tubeworx Managing Director, Mick Horsburgh, said.
“Tubeworx has the capability to 3D scan complete objects, such as cars and equipment.
“We can then build tube work and pipe work to fit exactly. With the latest in 3D scanning technology, our team can quickly and accurately reverse engineer tube/pipe assemblies. This allows Tubeworx to reproduce customer’s samples with the highest of accuracy.
“Our Tube Inspection Arm is a complete tube inspection solution that is able to capture the tube data and save to a format that our bending machines can directly read. Since we need only to measure a customer’s tube and in real time feed the precise data into their bending machines it reduces the production time and hence our lead times.
“You can even send us a piece of wire and we can turn it into a tube!”
3D scanning is just one of a range of services Tubeworx offers to a wide range of industries, including original equipment manufacturers right down to one-off customers.
“Repeatability, lean manufacturing and quality assurance are core values at Tubeworx. Our culture of cleanliness, their organised systems and processes are the keys to our success,” Mick said.
“Claiming to be the market leader in automotive tubes and hoses means Tubeworx stands out from other bending companies. We take pride in this achievement and continue to offer consistent world-class service and outcomes to each and every customer.”
Tubeworx says it has continually invested in the latest technology enabling it to stay ahead in the field.
“We are constantly looking to technology to improve our products and services,” Mick said.
“We now have six full CNC mandrel tube/pipe benders, and believe the machines are only part of the process. The technology starts right from the point of sale through to the dispatch of the customer’s goods.
“Tubeworx has not only invested in the most up to date CNC tube and pipe processing equipment but in the operating systems and CAD systems.”
Tubeworx has an internal quality management system in place and has moved to ISO2015. Quality and conformance of production is of the highest priority, it says.

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