Burg Design says its not too late

Burg Design says its X-1R products can help you take care of your vehicle to keep it running smoothly for longer, even when it has been neglected.
The products have reportedly been tested and proven by independent labs and by a company which supplies NASA. Products include:
• X-1R Engine Oil Based Flush – contains controlled-released detergents to dissolve sludge, gum, varnish, grit and other deposits that, even with regular maintenance, slowly build up inside the engine. Usually, you need only pour it into your crankcase and let the engine run for 15 minutes before draining it.
• X-1R Engine Treatment – formulated to reduce friction and operating temperatures, thus optimising engine performance.
• Fuel System Cleaner – cleans the entire fuel delivery system and combustion chamber for an overall more efficient combustion process, with effect most often immediate.
• X-1R Automatic Transmission Treatment – works by reducing the transmission’s operating temperatures, resulting in smoother shifting, and longer transmission fluid and gearbox life.

As testament to the might of these products, Burg Design offers up the recent customer case of Terry Russ, the owner of a 2003 Subaru Outback H6 3L automatic.
Terry had owned the Outback for around 12 years and admitted that the car — which had over 270,000 kilometres clocked on the odometer, half of them in town and half on the highway — had not been looked after.
Burg Design says that while you could be forgiven for thinking the Outback’s engine would be a goner at that stage, Terry was able to treat his car with the above products for great results.
“The oil and filter had probably been changed maybe three times (I had to use a piece of pipe on the sump plug spanner to crack it), and the engine warning light had been on for about five years,” Terry explained.
“Over the 200 kilometres since (treatment with X-1R products), it has only gotten better,” Terry said.
“My son, who is the normal driver, is seriously impressed. My son is a Chemical Engineer and is also very impressed by the several studies that he has researched on benefits of X-1R .
“I am more than happy to recommend the X-1R products for everyday use and will be treating my other vehicles shortly.”

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