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Neuton Power’s popular series of enhanced flooded batteries (EFBs) and absorbent glass mat (AGM) car batteries distributed by YHI Power Pty Ltd were designed for vehicles with start/stop systems with very large electrical drains.
EFBs are the improved version of the wet flooded batteries, while AGM batteries benefit from features not found in EFB, such as glass mat separators, a one-way vent system and increased pack pressure.
YHI Power explains both of these battery types incorporate the punch grid technology for better rigidity, reduced corrosion, plate growth and also reduce the possibility of internal short circuiting. It states all of these provide better active mass utilisation, and therefore improve cycle life and charge acceptance.

Neuton Power EFB
This range of batteries is made to deliver durable and reliable performance in harsh environments. It is designed to be maintenance-free and have very low water loss, eliminating the need to add electrolyte. Its innovative operating condition and design can deliver more than two times the engine starts compared to its standard lead-acid counterpart. YHI Power says the battery is also improved for up to two times quicker charging due to its unique paste formula.
Technical features include an enhanced grid structure, lead-calcium (Pb-Ca) technology; a hybrid paste formula for superior power, durability and improved deep-cycle performance; a special curing process to enhance plate strength; a carbon additive for improved conductivity; a compressed assembly for strengthened vibration resistance; and a special electrolyte additive to reduce acid stratification.

Neuton Power AGM
This range of batteries has no free-flowing electrolyte, which makes it safe, green, and maintenance-free. Its compressed assembly is designed to prevent the shedding of active mass for a longer service life, while its unique hybrid paste formula is formulated to deliver enhanced cycle life and reduced internal resistance.
YHI Power says Neuton Power AGM batteries have more than four times the engine start capacity and double the charge acceptance compared to a standard lead-acid.
These batteries are designed with the electrolyte absorbed in its glass mat, and it ensures there is no free-flowing liquid which eliminates any electrolyte stratification while reducing grid corrosion. YHI Power says it also has improved oxygen-recombination during battery charging to help prevent gas evolution and water loss.
Technical features include a punch grid and lead calcium (Pb-Ca) technology for better oxidation and corrosion resistance; a hybrid paste formula for superior power, durability, and an improved deep discharge life cycle; highly efficient microporous glass mat separators that absorb electrolytes; and the fact that gas evolution and water loss is eliminated from oxygen recombination during battery charging.

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