ECB says its Frontal Protection products won’t detract from any safety features of a vehicle

East Coast Bullbars says it has released ‘First to Market’ frontal protection to suit the new MY19 SsangYong Musso.
When the new MY19 SsangYong Musso entered East Coast Bullbar’s R&D facility, ECB reports it was faced with a variety of challenges.
The vehicle design incorporated a crumple zone in the front to work in conjunction with an airbag release to lessen the impact in event of a crash.
As such, ECB’s R&D department was challenged with securely mounting the standard 8mm steel mount to the vehicle yet allow crumple zones to remain as effective with the addition of frontal protection being installed.
ECB says it incorporated an expansion area in the crumple zones on the 8mm steel mounts and states this design will not detract from the vehicle’s safety features. Its steel mount is tied back to the chassis and triangulated to the lower radiator support for maximum strength.
The tow point on the Musso when evaluated was found to be insufficient for a majority of towing according to ECB, which says its technicians decided to develop a stronger tow point directly off the 8mm steel mount with tow points now being added to both sides of the mount. This allows for ease of access for attaching a tow strap or tie down to the vehicle.
ECB also reports it identified a weakness on the bottom of the lower radiator mounts that could risk the hardware shearing off the vehicle, thus exposing the radiator and A/C condenser.
In response, ECB says it designed a full-length lower bash plate to protect these sensitive parts, made from high tensile 6mm alloy. This bash plate tied in the lower suspension mount and offers increased protection with directional air vents to aid in cooling the engine, and wing protection plates to strengthen the inner wheel guards.
ECB says this is what it means by never detracting from a vehicle, so, when you leave the bitumen, you know your vehicle has the level of protection intended.
ECB has more than 48 years of Frontal Protection Products and says it designs and manufactures bullbars which are suited for purpose and will never detract from any features of the vehicle.
Further, it reports that everything ECB manufactures is Australian Made, ADR Compliant and airbag compatible, which is why it can offer a lifetime warranty*.

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*Lifetime warranty applies to alloy Bullbars to be free of structural defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty period for alloy products is the lifetime of the product; whilst in the legal possession of the original owner.