New video showcases Pedders’ No Bull approach to trade sales

Pedders has recently relaunched its trade partner customer offering by creating an informative video entitled “Pedders Trade Partner Referral Program.”
The informative video was created by Pedders’ long standing automotive brand ambassador, Neil Crompton, and his AirTime Media Production company.
The video aims to showcase Pedders’ No Bull approach to trade sales amongst fellow Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association members.
The video tells the story of how Pedders can provide all of its valued trade partners with an alternative income stream.
Simply based off outsourced brake, steering and suspension work conducted by the local Pedders outlet, Pedders says all local mechanical and automotive workshops can easily participate in this simple Trade Partner Referral program.
Pedders says that what is even more appealing is that the program enables the general workshop to still deal with its regular flow of customer’s needs.

“The hard truth of business these days is that there is an oversaturation of companies doing everything they can to get their name out there,” Pedders Senior Executive for Brand and Marketing, Adam Gillick, said.
“With the internet giving consumers access to more information than they know what to do with, brands need to go above and beyond to engage consumers with their unique story.
“That’s why we as an organisation have partnered with Neil Crompton’s AirTime Media to demystify the complex world of the automotive aftermarket.
“This latest video is the perfect medium for our brand’s story on our Trade Partner Referral program. Our latest offer on trade presents a unique opportunity for fellow aftermarket business operators to earn additional profits by taking on more work in the complex field of brakes, steering and suspension.
“Our local team of nationwide Pedders outlets is there to help you grow your business. It is as easy as contacting your own local family owned business to find out how to get started.”

Neil Crompton is the Pedders Suspension and Brakes brand ambassador and Executive Producer of AirTime Media. He is also a Supercars presenter and he and his team at AirTime Media specialise in Automotive Aftermarket production of radio commercials, product videos and general production services.

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