The clutch company has recently released new accessory products

Operating for over 30 years, Australian Clutch Services (ACS) has built up a comprehensive range of clutch kits, components, hydraulics and accessories to suit vehicles from around the world.
With an emphasis on depth of range, quality and availability, the team at ACS says it continues to add new products on an almost daily basis to ensure customers around Australia and the world have access to the products they need as well as the technical support and advice required.
The Australian Clutch Services accessories range has also continued to expand, and ACS has recently introduced new clutch and actuation accessories including clutch cables for several Suzuki Jimny models; hydraulic hard lines and dampers for Holden Cruze and Ford Ranger PX models; and a pedal assembly including master cylinder for 1.6L Ford Fiesta models from 2009-2013.
All of these items are available under the ClutchPro brand, which is ACS’ standard replacement passenger car and commercial brand. ACS says that these accessories are changing rapidly as the market continues to evolve.
“As we have continued to expand our range of accessories, we are starting to see more advanced products coming through and many now come as a complete kit,” ACS Business Development Manager, Colin Jevons, said.
“The Ford Fiesta clutch pedal and master cylinder assembly is a good example of this. These items are now serviced as a complete unit rather than individually, resulting in a more efficient installation.
“The team are continually looking for opportunities to expand and we are always reviewing product enquiries to ensure we offer the best coverage and meet market demand.”

For more information on the ACS range of accessories, please visit the online catalogue at or call 1800 CLUTCH.