A new Bendix reference poster depicts an exceptionally realistic braking system graphic

Bendix explains that the concept for the poster design was to provide a reference guide and greater understanding on how each part works together to create a car’s braking system.
To achieve a practical and totally realistic graphic replica of the system, the Bendix team says it went to great lengths to procure a complete brake system in components and rebuild it in the same layout as it had appeared in the actual car.
To achieve this, measurements were taken and a special rig complete with wheels was made to simulate the chassis of the car. The wheels were necessary to enable the rig to be moved around with ease while painting white to allow the various components to stand out prior to photographic imaging. The white background made it easier for final editing so the end result would portray the entire braking system as if it was floating in mid-air.
Once the close up photography shots of each component was complete, it was a matter of editing out all extraneous material from the overall image.
The final result is a practical and valuable, technical yet simple poster which involved many hours of work for the Bendix team sourcing the overall system, taking measurements for accurate placement followed by hours of skilled graphic artwork to produce a detailed and technically accurate educational poster.
The new poster will be distributed throughout the trade, TAFE Colleges and retailers. For a copy of this new and informative poster, contact your Bendix representative.

For more information free call the Bendix Brake Advice Centre on 1800 819 666 or +61 3 5327 0211 from overseas (8am-5pm Monday to Friday EST), e-mail or visit