Bendix says the new kits offer huge braking gains

New ADR-compliant Ultimate 4WD Big Brake Upgrade Kits from Bendix are said to deliver vastly improved braking performance for owners of dual cab utes and their wagon derivatives, in the convenience of two comprehensive kits (front and rear).
The front kit includes larger diameter Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Rotors, Bendix 6-Piston monoblock calipers with bracket mounting kit, as well as Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads and Ultimate 4WD Braided Brake Hoses.
The larger Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Rotors are a generous 365mm in diameter and feature a ‘Diamond Tip Slot’ that allows gases to escape in demanding driving situations, maintaining braking performance and consistent pedal feel. The rotor design also offers improved self-cleaning qualities.
Other benefits of the rotors include High Carbon Metallurgy which improves noise dampening while lowering thermal conductivity – together this results in improved durability and stopping power, while robust pillar construction aids thermal stability. Additionally, the Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Rotors come with SwiftFit surface protection allowing the rotors to be fitted immediately and without the need to clean or treat them with anti-rust oil.
Complementing the Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Rotors are the proven Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads which have been specially designed for use with slotted rotors. Also included is a Mechanical Retention System (MRS) backing plate.

Another important component of the front kit is the Bendix 6-Piston calipers – with additional pistons compared to OEM calipers, greater pressure is applied to the brake pads, resulting in shorter stopping distances.
Also included are SAEj1401-approved Ultimate 4WD Brake Hoses which comply to international design standards and offer the added protection of a braided line with sleeve, leading to firm and consistent brake feel. Rounding-out this exciting offering is a litre of Bendix Heavy Duty Brake Fluid, a can of Bendix Clean-up, a tube of Ceramasil brake parts lubricant and a 60 litre Bendix branded icebox.
The rear Ultimate 4WD Big Brake Upgrade Kit is a full drum to disc conversion kit, which removes all OE drum assembly and replaces it with the Bendix Ultimate 4WD disc rotors and hydraulic calipers. The kit comes complete with replacement bearings and seals (ABS rings and collars depending on vehicle model).
The kit also includes a replacement park brake mechanism that’s actuated using the OE park brake cable, Bendix Brake Hoses, Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads and all the ancillary components and accessories mentioned for the front kits.

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