CRC believes its new packaging has made product selection easier for the end user

CRC Industries Australia says it identified the need to create a cohesive new-look for its popular range of aerosol products to offer not only a striking new appearance but also clear identification of each product’s use to make selecting the right product for the job that little bit easier.
Last year CRC Australia rolled out new branding and product packaging for its entire automotive, industrial and electrical aerosol range.
The new look aerosol packaging has been met with great enthusiasm by the end user as it brings focus to the heritage of CRC Industries Australia and its high-quality products and specialist solutions, while looking better than ever and making product selection quick and easy.
The new branding was developed to create consistency of design across diverse product categories, making the products instantly identifiable as being part of the CRC family.
The new design brings together the same iconic CRC logo and colours that have been associated with the brand’s core identity for more than 50 years with clean contemporary design elements allowing greater visual impact and ease of identification.
At the same time, the new packaging maintains a clear differentiation between industry categories, with red representing the industrial and auto markets and blue being the colour of choice for the electrical sector as it always has.
An information tab has also been included at the base of each can to clearly explain the product’s purpose.
No changes were made to product part numbers or barcodes to ensure no disruption for those ordering the product, and all consumers can look forward to the same product delivered in a fresh new can design which is a reflection of CRC’s sense of purpose and commitment to innovation and reinvention.
The new stylish and contemporary packaging for the CRC Aerosol Range allowed CRC Industries Australia to ensure consistency of its brand and messaging in the market place while helping customers to quickly and easily identify the right product for their job.
CRC Industries Australia has experienced positive customer and stockist feedback as well as increased sales while building brand equity.
It is CRC Industries Australia’s belief that this new packaging has not only helped it to connect with loyal customers but has also attracted a new generation of users.

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