In this column, Capricorn Society’s Group Chief Executive Officer, David Fraser, updates us on all things Capricorn

David Fraser

Capricorn is pleased to introduce a new benefit to further assist the growth and development of our Members’ businesses.
There is no doubt that given the challenges being faced across Australia and New Zealand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners and their staff have a newfound appreciation for the speed of disruption and the direct impacts this may have on the stability and growth of their businesses.
Capricorn is assisting our Members to navigate through this challenging period by launching an online resource that provides wide-ranging content applicable for all types of auto repair businesses.
CapHub is a content portal providing easy access to expert business tips and advice, automotive workshop hacks and important industry data to help develop and improve our Members’ businesses.
Featured content available now in CapHub includes the ‘Capricorn State of the Nation Report 2020,’ which is the culmination of Capricorn’s most substantial research project ever undertaken.
The landmark report combines feedback from over 1,500 automotive workshop owners and operators located across Australia and New Zealand, to provide a range of insights on the industry, by the industry, for your workshop.
This industry snapshot enables Capricorn Members to compare their business’ efficiencies and concerns with their colleagues through easy to understand analytical data.
Over the course of 46 pages, the report provides valuable insights into hot topics such as industry challenges, what success looks like, generating efficiencies, customers, knowing your value, parts and pricing, technology, future trends, apprentices, staff rates, training and succession planning.
But if there is one major factor that stands out from the findings of this report, it is the optimism of Capricorn Members for the future.
This is a future that Capricorn will be directly alongside our Members for – because as the success of our cooperative has shown across nearly five decades, we are always stronger together.
Capricorn Members and non-members are encouraged to access the new CapHub content portal and Capricorn State of the Nation Report from the Capricorn website at
Yours cooperatively,
David Fraser
Group CEO, Capricorn Society Ltd

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