Retaining your factory 4WD look while being conscious about accessory weight

Weight in 4WDs is a huge consideration when equipping them with 4WD accessories.
Excess weight on a 4WD can have many adverse effects on your wallet thanks to fines from being over GVM, added fuel costs from heavy accessories, additional wear and tear on vehicle components, and diminished off-road ability.
Carbon Off Road says its philosophy of offering light weight accessory options to 4WDers has shown that big and heavy is not always the way to go. 
New to the Carbon range is the in bumper winch cradle, which allows you to mount a winch to your 4WD without having a heavy bullbar mounted to the vehicle.
The cradles generally mount behind the bumper, retaining the OE look of your vehicle. 
With an average weight of 10-15kgs dependent on the application, the cradles come complete with vehicle specific instructions and have an RRP of $895.00.
Carbon Off Road says that when paired with a Carbon 12k Winch – which only weighs 23.45kgs fitted (which Carbon Off Road says makes it one of the lightest winches on the market made from high quality aluminium) – you can have yourself a lightweight winch combo under 40kgs.
Carbon Off Road says it has a range to suit Toyotas, Fords, Mitsubishis, Volkswagens and Isuzus with more to come depending on industry demand.

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