The latest video from ACS looks at a Hyundai i40 Dual Clutch Transmission clutch assembly replacement

Australian Clutch Services has released a new video from its Clutch Tech series of technical support videos.
The video, which was developed in-house at ACS, explores the clutch assembly removal and installation procedure for the Hyundai i40 Dual Clutch Transmission.
“Our latest Clutch Tech video looks at the different procedures and tools required for a Hyundai i40 Dual Clutch Transmission clutch assembly replacement,” Australia Clutch Services Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, said.
“The video goes through the complete process including how to reset the actuators to ensure correct clutch operation when the transmission is reinstalled in the vehicle.”
Dual Clutch Transmission technology is still relatively new in the industry and ACS says it has been working to ensure all of the necessary tools and components are available for the Australian market as well as working on technical support guides for those workshops looking to take on these jobs.
ACS has also launched a tool hire program covering several of the most commonly used tools.
This program can be accessed through the ACS distribution network with the purchase of any applicable Dual Clutch Transmission clutch kit and allows workshops to take on more of these jobs without the significant initial investment of purchasing the tools.
“Dual Clutch Transmission technology is becoming increasingly common in the Australian market and we are expecting to see significant growth in this area for our distributors around Australia,” Stewart said.
“Our extensive range of clutch components as well as specialist tools allows us to ensure our customers have access to the items they require as quickly as possible and with the necessary technical support.”
The Hyundai i40 DCT clutch assembly replacement video is available now on the ACS YouTube channel.

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