For the ‘07-’13 Mercedes-Benz S-Class and CL-Class

Arnott Air Suspension Products says it is pleased to introduce Arnott’s exclusive Mercedes-Benz suspension Conversion Kit for the 2007-2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W221 Chassis) and CL-Class (W216 Chassis) models with AIRMATIC and without 4MATIC.
Arnott says C-2609 provides a seamless and error-free conversion of AIRMATIC suspension systems to a more reliable coil spring suspension.
Arnott’s design features front and rear shock absorbers custom-tuned to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. Arnott also includes an exclusive, patents pending Electronic Bypass Module (EBM) to permit easy installation without modifications and eliminate suspension dash panel error lights.

Key features:
• Custom-Valved Shock Absorbers
• CNC-Machined Aluminium Tops
• Powder-Coated Coil Springs Made in the USA
• Pre-Assembled for Easy Installation
• Engineered in the USA
• EBM Turns Off Dashboard Warning Light

Additional Aftermarket Innovations for the Mercedes-Benz
The featured new aftermarket Air Struts for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and CL-Class are high-quality, cost-effective solutions for Mercedes-Benz owners concerned about failing OE air suspension parts leaving them with expensive and recurring maintenance problems.
In keeping with the Mercedes-Benz tradition of innovation and performance, Arnott says it continues to introduce its own products and designs to replace failing Mercedes-Benz original equipment.
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