Bilstein has released its new Bilstein EVO coilover suspension line for “the perfect driving experience”

“An irresistible design, even more performance and maximum durability”: With the Bilstein EVO Performance Line, the company explains it is presenting its brand new performance coilover suspension generation in 2020.
Three completely newly developed threaded suspension systems will complement the existing Bilstein range: Bilstein EVO S, EVO SE and EVO R. During the development of the Bilstein EVO Performance Line, Bilstein says its engineers and designers focused in particular on uncompromising performance, maximum durability and exceptional visual appearance.
The new performance coilover suspensions have a trendy matt grey colour and look quite different than other coilover suspensions. But Bilstein says despite all its beauty, at the end of the day, the suspension must perform on the road or on the racetrack and it says it does just that.
With the further developed internal fixation of the one-piece spring plate, Bilstein says it was not only able to achieve a maximum lowering of up to 70mm and further weight savings, but also even better handling. An extremely resilient construction in combination with a newly developed coating also reportedly guarantees maximum durability.
Since tuning fans, track day drivers and racing drivers have different demands, Bilstein also tunes all EVO Performance coilover suspensions in the Bilstein driving test to the different general conditions and requirements and as a result, it says the three new, perfectly tuned performance coilovers for every application leave nothing to be desired:
• EVO S: Bilstein’s street performance suspension lets you look good, but also lies deep, well-set and agile on the road. In addition, it ensures greater safety at the limits, higher cornering speeds and stable traction.
• EVO SE: Your vehicle has a factory-installed adaptive suspension and you want to keep these features? No problem. The Bilstein EVO SE street performance suspension connects 1:1 to the electronic control system of your vehicle and can be installed using the plug-and-play process. Just like the EVO S, the EVO SE also allows for higher cornering speeds and stable traction.
• EVO R: Bilstein’s race performance suspension is just right for the tough use on the race track/ With Bilstein’s 10×10 Pro-Click-Adjustment you can adjust the bump and rebound stages separately and thus have a damper setup with 100 adjustment possibilities. You can adjust your setup with two aluminium adjustment wheels and 10 perceptible clicks when it is installed without having to jack up the vehicle. Bilstein says its EVO R suspension stands for highest cornering speeds, brute traction and best grip.
All tuning kits introduced from 2020 onwards will appear in the new EVO Performance Line.

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