Iconic Australian battery manufacturer Century Batteries continues to power ahead in 2020 with the roll out of a new look product range and extended warranty offer as part of the company’s commitment to manufacturing in Australia

In September Century Batteries unveiled its new state-of-the-art plate making machine, which will increase battery production by 20 percent to more than 1.3 million batteries a year: production rates never before seen at the factory.
Proving it had more up its sleeve, recently the company also unveiled a range of enhancements to its product portfolio, including a series of new product introductions, new branding and extended warranties across the majority of the Century product range.
Century’s Ultra Hi Performance car and passenger vehicle range will now come with a 40-month warranty (up from 36 months) and the increasingly popular Idle Stop Start AGM range is now backed by a 36-month warranty (up from 24 months).
Century Batteries National Marketing Manager (Automotive), Andrew Bottoms, said while Factory 2020 was dual fold in its ambitions – to improve and expand Century’s Australian based manufacturing facility – it was also important for the company to offer its customers something new.

“That meant a commitment to Australia’s motoring public that they could purchase a battery designed and built right here in Australia for our extreme conditions,” Andrew said.
“We worked extensively with consumer focus groups, our retail partners, stakeholders and specialists in the auto electrical trade as to what else customers’ valued.
“Australian made, a quality brand and warranty were the key factors identified. However, the warranty period was only valued if it was supported in the marketplace and without this support, the warranty period carried no value irrespective of the period offered.
“Our customers can be assured this is a true product warranty.
“At Century we continually review the design, quality and performance of our products. End users, stockists and resellers can be confident that our products will last and last.
“Our new branding is sharper and unashamedly promotes our Australian heritage: this has never been more important than in the current cultural and retail environment.
“We are launching all of this to the public with a creative campaign that celebrates all things Australian.
“Apart from our proud Australian manufacturing heritage, we are celebrating Australians for their loyalty: mates supporting mates.
“We are on track to be the first company in the country to chalk up a ‘century’ in manufacturing and we would not be on that road if not for the support of both the retail industry and customers.”

As part of the new initiative, Century Batteries has undertaken an extensive review of all product categories resulting in a series of range amendments as well as the introduction of new products.
This includes the addition of new DIN EFB products for the growing Stop/Start vehicle market, a series of new 4×4 specific DIN and NS70 products to service a SUV and 4×4 market that shows no signs of slowing down.
Gavin Cribb, the education manager at Kangan Institute in Victoria – one of the largest trainers of auto electricians and mechanics in Australia – said that for resellers like auto electricians and mechanics, using good brand products protected their reputation.

“If you are a customer who comes to me for repairs then you have to be comfortable that I am delivering a service to your standard,” Gavin said.
“The quality of my work must meet your expectation, so my reputation is on the line every time I service your car.
“Extended warranty that comes with the very latest of technology is an investment in my business and peace of mind for the customer.
“We literally have thousands of automotive apprentices at our institute, we have close contact with their employers.
“The industry has a genuine appetite for quality and Australian made technology.
“Providing further warranty on the best available parts will give these employers even more confidence in their ability to meet customer expectations.
“This is a win/win for business owners – and their customers.”

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