No more hard to recycle or dispose of plastic drums

The team at Euca has re-introduced its whole liquid cleaning product range, now available in its new eco packaging that it says will eliminate unwanted land fill and solve the recycling problem encountered with the current use of bulk 10lt and 20lt Plastic drums.
Euca’s desire is to change how you buy and handle bulk liquids, and currently on offer is the ability to trial its unique “Bag in a cardboard Box” 15lt Containers.  
Euca says that although the existing plastic drums are designated “recycle #2, being a good recycle plastic, the issue has always been in councils accepting these drums and then the recycling companies actually recycling them due to not knowing what chemicals had been stored in them.”
The recycling of a drum has required washing the drum three times, removing the cap, tap and any other accessories and removing the label.
It says that obviously, this ends up becoming too hard for many and so most of the drums have been going to landfill.
The new Euca Eco Box is Designed to help our precious ecological system via a huge reduction in the use of plastic, less transportation fuel use, minimal water cleaning required and a decline in landfill use.

Key features:
• Easy to use, set up and pour straight from the box;
• Can be used to refill any other container;
• Box made from 30 percent recycled cardboard material;
• The cardboard is again recyclable;
• Plastic bladder is recycle #4 LDPE – it just requires a quick rinse and drop off at any supermarket soft plastic REDcycle bin;
• 70 percent less plastic used to make the bladder compared to a plastic drum;
• Lessening of landfill plastic due to ease of recycle compared to Plastic Drums;
• Reduction in freight / oil use / pollution as 7000 bladder bags fit on one pallet in transit where 7000 plastic drums takes seven semi-trailers to move;
• No need to wash drums, allowing for massive precious water savings; and
• No need to transport drums on mass back to recycle, allowing for more pollution savings.

Euca – part of Proud Products – says it has a comprehensive range of premium quality products that covers all aspects of sanitation and cleaning at extremely effective costs based on use.
Proud Products is a family-owned business with everything made in Altona Victoria, using all locally sourced raw materials.  

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