New from Davies Craig

Iconic Australian automotive cooling manufacturer Davies Craig Pty Ltd says it is proud to announce the arrival of the new Electric Water Pump Mounting Plate.
It says this innovative mounting solution is an expansion of the mounting option currently offered by Davies Craig and adds a new dimension to the technique by which EWP customers can secure their remote-mounted pump.
The new Davies Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP) Mounting Plate offers a discrete, lightweight and space-saving mounting solution for the remote-mounted EWP115 Alloy (only), EWP130 and EWP150 models.
Davies Craig says this beautifully finished, black anodized aluminium plate offers enhanced mounting flexibility and adaptability greatly assisting with a preferred soft-mounting solution for the EWP by providing rubber ‘cotton reel style’ dampeners, isolating the pump from vibration.
This latest EWP Mounting Plate accessory is said to give EWP customers yet another excellent, flexible option when it comes to installing their pump.
Davies Craig says it has always acknowledged the lightweight remote-mount EWP range can be self-supporting while connected to the coolant hose along with a wide variety of supercharger/turbocharger applications.
The Davies Craig EWP Mounting Plate (part #8710) represents another ingenious EWP mounting option. The kit components include:
• One EWP Mounting Plate
• Five M4 Rubber Bushes
• Five M4 Nyloc nuts
• Five M4x16mm Bolts
• Five M4 washers
Davies Craig believes this “excellent” new mounting accessory will suit most of the engine cooling or water to air intercooler applications. The company also acknowledges that in some circumstances relating to engine designs and the nature of the specific cooling system involved you may require other installation methods not outlined here.

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