New Mothers CMX products launched

Command Auto Group says it is very excited to bring the new Mothers CMX products to the Australian enthusiast.
Building on the release of what it calls the “game changing” CMX Ceramic Spray Coating, Command Auto Group says it can announce that CMX is now a family of products and “the only retail brand with a complete solution that gives the consumer the proper tools for DIY ceramic coating.”
Command Auto Group says these products are dedicated to the DIYer achieving “an even higher premium quality in car care, significantly increasing ease of use and professional lasting results.”
Mothers CMX Products are suitable for Automotive, Marine, Caravan applications and more. The new Mothers CMX Products are due to be available by March 2020.

Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash and Coat
Mothers CMX Ceramic Wash and Coat contains Sio2, and boasts High Efficiency (HE) cleaning power – like laundry powder, it is fast acting, low sudsing, environmentally friendly, and offers the latest in cleaning technology with the added benefit of a coating.
Command Auto Group says this product is perfect for all consumers who have bought the Mothers CMX Spray Coating for ongoing care and increased protection, or for any consumer with ceramic coating already applied as a factory finish or increased protection on any vehicle.

Mothers CMX Trim Restore and Coat
Mothers CMX Trim Restore and Coat is said to be “the most durable trim restorer and coat ever, taking all exterior rubber, plastic and vinyl trim restoration and protection to the highest level.”
It boasts an environmentally friendly formula using no propellant, instead working with compressed air.
It also contains Sio2 creating a unique long lasting shine to your trim.

Mothers CMX Surface Prep
Mothers CMX Surface Prep is designed for use throughout the detailing process when cleaning up compound/polish residue or waxes, silicones or other dressings before application of coatings.
Command Auto Group says it is safe for use on virtually every exterior surface and notes that proper surface prep before applying waxes, sealants and coatings is essential to optimal adhesion and maximum results.

Mothers CMX 3-in-1 Ceramic Polish and Coat
Mothers CMX 3-in-1 Ceramic Polish and Coat can be used at any stage in the coating process – as a primer for your coating, or to refresh your existing coating.
It utilises “brand new and state-of-the-art mild abrasives” and contains Sio2, providing a base where after application, the consumer can use the CMX Ceramic Spray Coating immediately.

Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Coating
Command Auto Group explains that the above-listed products complement the “immensely successful” Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Coating which is already popular in the market.
This product provides extreme depth and reflection, ultra-durable protection, relentless water beading and super-hydrophobic protection.
It is easy to use with a spray on and wipe off formula, and can be applied in layers for increased depth and durability. It is also suitable for use as a booster over waxes and sealants.

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