Two high-power Thermatic Electric Fans have been added to Davies Craig’s product line-up

Australian manufacturer Davies Craig Pty Ltd has added two new Thermatic Electric Fans with increased ‘air force’ CFM (Cubic Ft/Min, m3) to its line-up.
Both high-power 10-inch and 12-inch reversible Thermatic Electric Fans are now available in 12- and 24-volt variants.
Davies Craig proudly offers these high-power automotive and air conditioning Thermatic Electric Fans to these two respective markets and that having conducted in-house wind tunnel tests, these four new Thermatic Electric Fans passed with flying colours.
Davies Craig says few may deny, temperatures generally are on the rise and having automotive cooling fans of this high capacity contributes to increased air flow.
It states that these four, value-packed high-power Thermatic Electric Fans offer outstanding performance for their size, delivering a 40 percent increase in air flow over the standard 10-inch and 12-inch models.
As with all Davies Craig Thermatic Electric Fans, these models are reversible for both up-stream and/or down-stream applications.
The profile of the shroud of these new models matches exactly those of the standard Davies Craig 10-inch and 12-inch models.
Further, Davies Craig has increased the warranty for the entire range of Thermatic Electric Fans from two to three years.
Part numbers:
• Part #0150 ~ 10” High Power Thermatic Electric Fan 12v – 1000CFM, RRP $163.00 + GST
• Part #0151 ~ 10” High Power Thermatic Electric Fan 24v – 1000CFM, RRP $163.00 + GST
• Part #0155 ~ 12” High Power Thermatic Electric Fan 12v – 1250CFM, RRP $173.00 + GST
• Part #0156 ~ 12” High Power Thermatic Electric Fan 24v – 1250CFM, RRP $173.00 + GST

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