Intercooler Upgrade Kit for NP300 Navara released

Australian diesel performance component specialist, High Performance Diesel (HPD), has just released its newest intercooler upgrade kit to suit the twin-turbo D23 NP300 Nissan Navara (from 2014 to current models).
Measuring 600mm x 300mm x 76mm, HPD says the new front-mount intercooler is substantially bigger than the stock unit and will flow significantly more air to the engine.
Delivering cooler, denser and more oxygen-rich air for combustion improves efficiency and power output on its own, and can also support tuning and further modifications for improved performance, towing, caravanning and off-roading.
The HPD intercooler will reportedly deliver consistently lower temperatures to the engine intake, even under extreme conditions. In addition to the efficiency and performance advantages, lower intake temperatures lead to lower operating temperatures and can improve engine longevity.

The core of the HPD intercooler is pressure tested to 40 PSI and the alloy end tanks are TIG welded, forming a robust unit that is said to be much less likely to develop leaks than the crimped-on plastic tanks of the OEM cooler.
The piping is 57mm diameter hard alloy, with high quality silicone joiners and load-rated clamps, and HPD supplies a intercooler charge pipe adaptor with a double seal to eliminate leakage from the factory intercooler charge pipe.
HPD explains that the kit has an attractive and durable media-blasted finish and comes with laser-cut stainless steel and alloy mounting brackets. Like all HPD kits, it also includes all mounting hardware, clamps and fasteners required for a professional installation.
A comprehensive set of installation instructions are included and the kit can be fitted in approximately six hours.
As with all HPD products, the NP300 intercooler is designed, developed and manufactured in Australia.
The NP300 Navara intercooler kit, model IK-NP300-F, is available now for $1695.

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