The Australian owned and operated company has launched a new Hybrid Injector Cleaner

Penrite says it is proud to announce the launch of a new technology additive to its fuel additive range: the Hybrid Injector Cleaner.
This new petrol fuel treatment has been specially formulated for use in vehicles with a hybrid drive system and stop start technology.
Hybrid Injector Cleaner is different to normal injector cleaners as it contains additives to clean and lubricate injectors and pumps to combat frequent cold and stop/start running.
It also contains a fuel stabiliser to prolong the fuel life in hybrid vehicles with lower fuel consumption and extended fill intervals.
Penrite explains that its Hybrid Injector Cleaner actively cleans deposits in the fuel, combustion system and injectors while preventing build-up of new deposits, resulting in improved fuel economy and power.
This new product is designed for use in all hybrid vehicles with a petrol engine running on regular or E10 petrol.
It is safe to use with catalytic converters, gasoline particulate filters (GPF) and oxygen sensors and can be used on all types of petrol injection including direct injection and port fuel injection.
Key benefits:
• Stabilises the fuel and prevents fuel ageing in hybrid vehicles with low fuel turnover
• Cleans deposits in the intake, combustion system and injectors
• Increases lubricity of fuel to reduce friction and wear especially in stop/start engines
• Improves fuel economy and power
• Prevents build-up of new deposits
• Reduces exhaust emissions
• Protects the fuel system from corrosion
• Improves drivability, fuel economy, and engine power
Penrite Oil is a 100 percent Australian family owned and operated business and has been producing world class lubricants for over 95 years.

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