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Penrite has just released its new Diesel Winter Fuel Treatment additive.
The product is said to be ideal for use in alpine areas or in locations where temperatures are expected to fall below zero degrees and where winter fuel is not available.
Diesel fuel can form wax crystals at very low temperatures. This can block injectors and prevent fuel from reaching the cylinder.
The new Penrite Diesel Winter Fuel Treatment is a single dose product.
It is designed to be added to the fuel, where it works by lowering the CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) of the diesel fuel so that wax formation is below the bulk temperature of the fuel.
This is important in alpine areas where the risk of wax formation is greatest.
In off-road applications such as agriculture, the product may be used in storage tanks and in equipment in the case of an unexpected cold snap occurring before Alpine Fuel is available.
Diesel Winter Fuel Treatment is also ideal for use prior to snow and skiing trips, 4WD and off-roading in high mountain regions, diesel fuel supplies stored in subzero degree temperatures, and in farm, agricultural and mining equipment which is used in colder climates.
One 375ml bottle treats up to 100 Litres of diesel fuel.

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