Protex launches its most advanced brakes yet

After almost three decades in the braking category, Protex has recently released its new and improved braking line-up.
With a shifting competitive landscape and the changing needs of both mechanics and drivers, Protex says it saw an opportunity to get back to its specialist braking roots with a full upgrade to its brake offering.
Every aspect of the Protex range was looked at from product reformulation and packaging right through to pricing to ensure that Protex delivered braking solutions that were relevant to the needs of today’s mechanics and drivers.

More benefits than ever before
Protex explains that the latest innovation in product design and manufacturing has resulted in more advanced product features including:
• Rotors with new “Ultracoat Z360” coating for anti-corrosion and faster fitting;
• Optimised rotor design with various vane designs for better heat dissipation and to resist warping;
• Multi-layered pads with optimised shim, chamfer and slotting to reduce noise and vibration; and
• Pre-scorched surfaces on all ceramic pads for instant braking performance straight from the box.

An expanded and upgraded range
Adding more than 500 new part numbers to its range, Protex says it provides rotor and pad coverage for more than 95 percent of vehicles on Australian roads.
With a larger range than ever before, Protex says it also provides more choice and better selection with the addition of two upgraded ranges.
While perfectly suited to everyday driving, Protex says the upgraded 4WD and Performance/Plus ranges are designed with more features and benefits tailored to specific driving needs:
• High carbon formulation on all 4WD and Ultra Performance rotors for better stability under high thermal stress;
• Custom slotting, drilling and various vane designs for optimised heat dissipation and better braking performance;
• Copper free pads for better environmental impact and cleaner waterways; and
• Assembly grease supplied with all 4WD and Ultra Plus pad lines including hardware kits, where applicable.
Protex says a continued commitment to quality and safety ensures that it continues to deliver great stopping performance, every time.

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