A range of new products are available

Shinn Fu Australia has released a number of new products to the Australian market.

MichaelPro Combination Dolphin Spanners
The MP001014 is an eight-piece set of SAE Combination Dolphin Spanners offering an innovative handle design, inspired by dolphins, where the ring head (tail) is perpendicular to the open-end (head).
These spanners are made from high quality Chrome Vanadium Steel (CR-V) to withstand high torque and heavy-duty work and meet the ANSI standard.

MichaelPro Quick-Release LED Socket Wrench
The MP001037 is an innovative Quick-Release Ratchet Socket Wrench with a built-in Waterproof LED located in the 3/8” drive – simply hold the drive and turn the blue knob to turn on and off the LED.
This ratchet wrench is made from Premium Chrome Vanadium Steel (CR-V) for long lasting durability with a 72 teeth gear to provide a five-degree ratcheting arc, allowing turns in tight spaces.

MichaelPro Two-Way T-Handle Speed Wrench
The MP009015 is a set of T-Handle Speed Wrenches with 1/4” and 3/8” drives. Each T-Handle has a drive at the shaft and handle, allowing two modes of operation (high torque or fast spinning). These T-Handle wrenches are made from heat-treated hardened Chrome Vanadium Steel (CR-V) for increased strength and durability. Handles are made from anti-slip rubber with the speed spinning grip made from aluminium.

MichaelPro Hooded Magnetic Tool Trays
The MP009014 is a set of two premium magnetic trays each equipped with a Patented Retractable hood and Wave Patterned Base. These tool trays are made from Stainless Steel and are attached with strong 1000-1500 Gauss magnets that are capable of holding up to 0.45kg.

OmegaLift 6350kg High Reach Stand with Spring-Loaded Casters
Also now available from Shinn Fu Australia is the OmegaLift 33070A High Reach Stand. The stand is made for professional workshops and offers quality-of-life features and exceptional build quality for added durability. This High Reach Stand comes equipped with spring-loaded caster wheels that enables free movement when unloaded, allowing great mobility for positioning under vehicle hoists. High Reach supplementary stands prevent vehicles from tipping and rocking. A minimum of four is required for a normal vehicle, with two stands needed for each additional axle assembly. The stand can also provide partial support for vehicle components.

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