The company is set to expand its range

Stellatec, a division of Stella Engineering, is set to launch two all-new brake calipers into the Australian market; the 686R front caliper and 453R rear caliper.
These proudly Australian-designed and manufactured billet CNC machined calipers are specially made to increase the braking prowess of the next-generation Ford Ranger.
The company already features race-proven products, with its 680 and 655 motorsport brake calipers used in off-road racing at both the Australian Off-Road Championship and the Best In The Desert Series in the USA.
Stellatec says taking that pedigree into the road-going Ford Ranger line up was a clear next step.
Stellatec engineers and manufactures its products in its own state-of-the-art facilities on the New South Wales Central Coast, with the company explaining it is dedicated to setting a new standard for brake performance and safety.
Those behind Stellatec say the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in every aspect of its work, and the 686R and 453R are no exception.
Uniquely, the 453R rear caliper incorporates the OEM integrated electric park brake system, which Stellatec says is a first of its kind.
These calipers are designed to provide unparalleled stopping power, improved braking stability and driver confidence, especially with the extra weight now often added when getting these vehicles ready for 4×4 adventures and towing.

To ensure that their products meet the highest standards of quality and safety, Stellatec has partnered with the Auto Innovation Centre.
The AIC is renowned for its advanced testing and development capabilities working with local manufacturers in Australia, and it will provide Stellatec with the resources to refine their products to perfection.
With the support of the Auto Innovation Centre, Stellatec says it is confident that the 686R and 453R will exceed even the most rigorous standards for brake performance.
As we push the boundaries of weight and modifications to our vehicles, it is so important that companies like Stellatec are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in brake technology.
But Stellatec explains that its commitment to excellence doesn’t stop there.
The company has also partnered with The Garage Miami, a leading provider of automotive services and products in Miami, Queensland.
The Garage Miami is working closely with Stellatec to ensure that the 686R and 453R are installed and maintained to the highest standards.
The Garage Maimi is hosting its first ever Open Day on Saturday the 24th of June.
The event will focus on the upgrades and accessories available for Next Gen Ford Ranger vehicles, headlined by the launch of the new Stellatec brake caliper range.
This event is an opportunity for customers to witness firsthand the expertise that both the Stellatec engineering team and The Garage Miami bring to the aftermarket industry.
Also attending the event will be racing driver Matt MacKelden and his number 99 TA2 Ford Mustang race car.

Earlier this year, Stellatec proudly announced its partnership with Matt MacKelden, a talented and dedicated race car driver who competes in the highly competitive TA2 Muscle Car Series. 
Stellatec says the TA2 racing series is one of the most thrilling and competitive racing series in the world, and states its team it is excited to be a part of it.
Matt MacKelden’s track record of success and dedication to excellence aligns perfectly with Stellatec’s own values. 
Shortly after the Stellatec 686R and 453R launch, Matt will be driving a Stellatec-equipped Ford Ranger, whilst towing his race car across State lines, completing the tour at Stellatec’s own state of the art engineering facilities.
Stellatec says the launch of the 686R and 453R is an exciting development for anyone considering the Ford Ranger as their next vehicle, or those currently behind the wheel of these immensely popular vehicles.
Stellatec states that these calipers represent the cutting edge of brake technology and a leap forward for automotive aftermarket manufacturing on Aussie shores.

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