New Fortified Brake Upgrade Kits released

Terrain Tamer has released a new range of Fortified Brake Upgrade Kits for Toyota Landcruiser VDJ76/78/79 models.
Terrain Tamer says the new kits are made up of its most high-performance braking parts to improve performance in 4WDs operating in heavy duty conditions.
The kits come complete with a Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Brake Booster, which has been designed and engineered in Australia as an easy to fit, bolt-in replacement for the vehicle’s original booster, and feature a dual diaphragm design.
Terrain Tamer says this design effectively doubles the diaphragm surface area, acting to reduce pedal effort and improve both the stopping power and the braking feel, without significantly increasing the overall size of the booster itself.
Essential for 4WDs that are towing or carrying heavy loads, Terrain Tamer states its Heavy Duty Brake Booster has been found to improve braking performance by up to 30 percent in both ABS and non-ABS models.
As well as the Brake Booster, the new kits also include a Terrain Tamer Braided Brake Hose Kit, front and rear Terrain Tamer High Performance slotted and dimpled rotors, and front and rear Terrain Tamer Fortified Brake Pads.
Made in Thailand from a copper free ceramic formulation, the Fortified Brake Pads hold E1 Euro Certification and are made with exclusive Terrain Tamer tooling.
They feature a red coating to assist with the bedding in process and are designed for vehicles placing their brake system under significant pressure, such as those with a GVM upgrade or carrying significant loads.
While they can be used in everyday applications, Terrain Tamer says the benefits of Terrain Tamer Fortified Brake Pads are most apparent in extreme braking events, such as long downhill durations, when the pad will hold its braking integrity.
It explains benefits also include reduced dust and improved wear resistance and braking capacity, both beyond industry standard and surpassing their OE equivalent.

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