The T700 4G LTE Connected Dash Cam has been launched

Whether you want to protect yourself with undeniable evidence when an incident occurs on-road, capture an event while the vehicle is parked or simply want to record your off-road journey to show your mates, a dash cam will capture every moment.
Thinkware says it has an extensive range of dash cams suited to every driver’s needs and has recently launched its brand new T700 Connected Dash Cam.
With 4G LTE technology on-board, the T700 Dash Cam connects to your smartphone in real-time from anywhere around the world.
The Australian Version of the T700 Dash Cam works with all major network SIM Cards including Telstra, providing extensive coverage throughout Australia.
Simply insert an active 4G nano SIM Card (not included) with SMS and internet data into the dash cam to gain remote access to the Connected Features including:
• Remote Live View: view real-time footage from the dash cam in the vehicle with a click of a button.
• Real-Time Parking Impact Video: receive an instant notification and access parking incident footage via the Thinkware Connected App.
• Emergency Contact Messaging: in the event of an emergency due to an accident or when the manual SOS button is pressed, the location and video is automatically communicated via SMS to the registered mobile emergency contact number.
• Vehicle Status and Driving History: monitors the vehicle’s motion status including vehicle battery voltage check. This also includes the monitoring of driving history with data analytics on driving behaviour and travel history such as date, time, and distance of journeys.
• Captured the Image of the Most Recent Parking Location: in Parking Mode, this enables you to view vehicle location through the dash cam’s front and rear-view cameras at Full-HD quality.
• Remote Firmware Data Update: conveniently upgrade and update firmware and speed cam data remotely to enhance dash cam features and maintain optimal operation.
In addition to these innovative Connected Features, the dash cam also records in Full HD resolution front and rear, producing clear footage of your drive both on-road and off-road.
The internal GPS, together with its Safety Camera Alert function, helps to provide location information and warn you of red light and speed cameras.
Additionally, it is equipped with the Lane Departure Warning System, Front Collision Warning System, Urban Front Collision Warning System and Front Vehicle Departure Warning.

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