Timing system belt and component replacement are major jobs

Not only are they time-intensive and a big investment for your customers, Gates Australia warns it is critically important that it is done right as a damaged system can be very costly and inconvenient to repair and could also risk your reputation.
Gates says you can safeguard against timing system repairs with Gates Timing Component Kits (TCKs) which offer:
• Reach – over seven million vehicles are in the replacement sweet spot of 7-14 years for timing system maintenance.
• A Smart Investment – 90 percent of timing belt failures are due to a pulley or associated product failure. Rather than just replacing the timing belt, the nominal fee for the complete timing component kit is a great “insurance plan” to avoid thousands in comeback costs.
• Efficiency – sourcing all the OE parts for a complete timing system repair can be time consuming. With a Gates TCK, you get the belt, pulleys and other necessary components with a single part number.

Gates Australia is the OE supplier for 75 percent of timing belts in the market today and has broad coverage with its TCK range consisting of more than 500 kits covering Australian and New Zealand applications. With Gates it says you also get added value with relevant technical service bulletins and installation tools necessary for specific applications as well as the Gates “industry leading” warranty.

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