High quality 3D Wheel Alignment made easy

Hofmann says implementation, installation, measurement, interface and service are made easy with the new Hofmann geoliner 320 3D Portable Imaging Wheel Aligner.
“Simple to use and movable so it can go anywhere in the shop, the new Hofmann geoliner 320 is an asset for shops expanding their aligner business,” Hofmann National Equipment Manager, James Morris, said.
“Because of its compact size and robust design, the Hofmann 320 conducts high quality imaging alignments in shorter bays, making it unlike anything else available on the market today.”
Key features:

  • Easy implementation – enabling shops to easily add premium alignment capability to their service repertoire. This revolutionary new design enables a high-quality alignment system to be added in bays that previously could not accommodate conventional imaging alignment systems.
  • Easy installation – it has no moving parts and requires a minimal footprint for usage.
  • Easy measurement – rolling run-out compensation means the user can just mount and roll to measure. There is no lifting, head-charging, head-levelling or adaptors required – the technician simply needs to place the 320 on the lift and it is ready to align.
  • Easy interface – the next-generation software is easy to learn and use. This enhanced aligner software features a notification system providing critical information without slowing down the alignment process and an adaptive user interface delivers instant access to productivity tools and assistance whenever required.
  • Easy service – maintenance and service is simple as the 320 is repairable on-site and automatic software and specification updates can be made remotely.

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