For the automotive trade

HPP Lunds, the Australian supplier for JB Weld products, has added eight new products to its extensive line-up of high-quality repair materials.
JB Weld says the new products are proving useful for both the tradesperson and the home handyman; and like all of its products, make repairs easy, quick and reliable.
Of the eight new products, seven are skewed towards automotive repairs while the eighth, SuperWeld Super Glue, has a multitude of uses.
Of the seven new products which have been added to JB Weld range for the automotive sector, six are for exhaust repairs with the remaining product, JB Weld ExtremeHeat, able to be used in exhaust systems as well as on other repairs.

JB Weld ExtremeHeat
JB Weld ExtremeHeat is a temperature resistant metallic paste which sets in one hour and is fully cured in 24 hours. It dries machine grey and withstands continuous heat of up to 1300 degrees Celsius.
JB Weld says it is ideal for filling holes and cracks in metal surfaces and can be used on exhaust manifolds, heat exchangers, mufflers and engine blocks as well as on household items such as outdoor BBQs and fireplaces.
Over the past few years, JB Weld says it has been concentrating on developing a total muffler repair package with pastes and repair wraps that are long lasting and easy to use for both the home handyman and the automotive repair shop.
The pastes feature high temperature ratings, high torque loads and can seal as well as fill. The wraps feature fibreglass technology and they seal, insulate and structurally repair the system. No mixing is required with the wraps.

Six new JB Weld exhaust products:
The new JB Weld exhaust products added to the range include sealants, patches, wraps and repair kits as follows. With this range, JB Weld says you can fix an entire exhaust from the manifold through the catalytic converter, down to the exhaust pipe and even the muffler itself.

  • JB Weld Exhaust System Sealant: is a temperature resistant sealant for cracks, joints and seams; suitable for use on exhaust pipe connections, catalytic converters, mufflers and tailpipes. Drying time is 30 minutes and the product cures within 10 minutes after drying with the engine running.
  • JB Weld MufflerWeld: seals mufflers, pipe joins and fixes gaps and cracks, withstanding temperatures of up to 370 degrees Celsius. This muffler cement is iron reinforced and used by OEMs. It has a drying time of around two to four hours.
  • JB Weld Muffler Patch: a fibreglass wrap coated in epoxy which can withstand temperatures of up to 315 degrees Celsius. The pack has a 36-inch long wrap and a 24-inch long aluminium tape. It cures in 20 minutes when exposed to heat.
  • JB Weld Tailpipe and Pipe Repair Wrap: a fibreglass wrap impregnated with polyurethane resin and silicone rubber which can withstand up to 420 degrees Celsius. JB Weld says this product is also ideal for repairs to hot water pipes. It cures within one hour when exposed to heat. The pack includes a 70-inch wrap, gloves, sandpaper and metallic securing tape.
  • JB Weld Ultra Heat Wrap Ceramic Exhaust System Repair Kit: a ceramic and fibre wrap that withstands temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius. It cures within 30 minutes when exposed to heat and is ideal for tailpipes, exhaust manifolds and catalytic converter repairs. The pack has a 35-inch long wrap, gloves, sandpaper, metallic securing tape and an additional clay sealer.
  • JB Weld Strapping Kit: consists of a five-foot long galvanised metal strip and two 1/4-inch nuts and bolts. This product can be used on car exhaust systems as well as on gutter and downspout repairs around the home.

SuperWeld Super Glue
This glue is a quick setting adhesive based on cyanoacrylates, which is an acrylic resin that rapidly polymerises in the presence of water/moisture and so forms long, strong chains joining the bonded surfaces.
It typically sets in less than a minute and is fully cured within 24 hours. It is to be used sparingly as a thin layer bonds more effectively than a thick layer.
While the shelf life of the product if kept at room temperature is around 12 months, once opened the glue must be used within a month.
JB Weld SuperWeld Super Glue is not to be used as a gap filler. If this is needed, JB Weld says you should refer to its other products that are designed for this use, such as JB Weld Plastic Bonder.
JB Weld says its SuperWeld product boasts a higher strength formula than most other super glues on the market and is ideal for many workshop and home repairs, however, it states with this in mind it is also wise to ensure it is kept away from children.
The SuperWeld packaging covers many possible applications for auto, home and craft projects and JB Weld says the instructions are easy for customers to understand and follow. The product is available in five different SKUs.
To provide for a variety of uses, JB Weld SuperWeld comes in a two-pack version with small 2g tubes for single use with a shear strength of 3100PSI. It is also available in a brush cap 6g bottle for brush-on applications, with a shear strength of 3000 PSI.
And finally, it is also available in a larger 20g bottle with a precision application tip – this is the highest strength formula and has a shear strength of 3500 PSI.

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