Maxilamp seven x five inch LED Rectangle Headlamp

The Maxilamp range of forward facing lighting now includes the LED Autolamps new seven x five inch rectangle headlamp – a sealed beam conversion or upgrade to existing halogen applications of the same shape and size.
LED Autolamps says these lamps have exceeded the rigorous testing required for ECE approval for all functions, making them road legal in Australia.
Featuring high and low beam with park lamp function, the high intensity LEDs deliver a clean crisp white light up to 450m at one lux.
Further, LED Autolamps says the colour temp of 5700k gives a natural light output much closer to daylight than the traditional globe type lamps which gave a warmer glow. The human brain reacts differently depending on the colour of light it perceives…a warmish light prepares the body for sleep where a cooler white light keeps the body awake and alert…LED Autolamps says it believes by fitting LED headlamps it may assist in the prevention of driver fatigue and possibly avoid serious if not fatal night time accidents.
Built tough, these new headlamps are manufactured using polycarbonate for the lens, which is known for its impact resistance, and heavy duty die cast alloy for the housing. The unit has been fully tested to IP67 standards for water and dust ingress protection perfect for the harsh Australian on or off-road environments. A voltage range of 11-32V and prewiring with a H4 plug ensures they are easily fitted and suitable for many applications.
A vehicle that is not on the road is not making money – the HL165 uses solid state LED lighting technology that has no moving or serviceable parts, effectively enabling up to 30,000 hours of constant use. This ensures virtually no vehicle downtime during the headlamps serviceable life and, says LED Autolamps, it out performs older halogen styled headlamps that tend to require yearly repairs or replacements.
A specially designed lens and inner reflector projects light forward and by using super bright four x three-watt LED for high beam with 1096 Effective lumen and one x 15-watt low beam with 570
Effective lumens ensure the best possible light spread and projection as efficiently as possible. The low current draw allows surplus power to be directed to other areas of the electrical system or get more life out of the vehicles battery.
LED Autolamps has set out to produce a road legal headlamp manufactured to the highest standards at up to half the price of the competition. Supplied in a secure twin hang and stand retail blister pack and supported by a five-year warranty, it says these lamps will not disappoint. They are ready to order from LED Autolamps now.

For further information, visit or call LED Autolamps on 03 9466 7075.