Macnaught has announced the first of many new launches planned for 2018

Lubemate products are specifically selected by the experienced technical team at Macnaught, ensuring they meet its strict quality standards. New releases include:

20L Premium Oil Pump: L-DP20P
Lubemate’s new 20L Premium Oil Pump has been developed with a series of inventive features to dispense service fluids, including engine, gear, transmission, hydraulic and most engine coolants from 20-25L drums.
The ergonomic D-Shaped handle makes for easy operation, letting the self-priming pump deliver up to 65ml per down stroke from a range of drums, a task that is made even easier again when the drum is low on fluid.
The extra-long clear 1.2m spring braided hose is durable, prevents kinks and has a better reach, while the non-drip nozzle works to assist in preventing foreign contamination and fluid wastage.
The inventive drainback nozzle holder also prevents spillage and captures fluid overflow when the nozzle is placed into the holder.
Lubemate’s included bung adaptor caters for a wide range of 20L drums, while the tube extender suits various heights on 20-25L drums.

Universal Clamping Funnel: L-UCFL
Lubemate has eliminated the need for multiple funnels and adaptors with its Universal Clamping Funnel. The funnel fits all sizes of openings in vehicles, tractors, earthmovers and diesel generators that range between 1’ (25mm) – 3-1/8” (80mm).
The polypropylene and polycarbonate components in the funnel material make it highly durable and suitable for engine oil, coolant, diesel and gasoline while the transparent funnel neck displays the oil flow.
A spring loaded nylon plier clamp serves for an easy free-handed operation and the additional feature, the piercing attachment, provides the built-in convenience of bottle opening with ease.

2” Drum Faucet with Sight Glass: L-DTP2
The new-release Lubemate 2” Drum Faucet with Sight Glass aides in the convenient dispensing of fluids when 205L drums are laid horizontally.
The polyethylene faucet also has a sight glass port that displays the level of engine oils, gear oils, light fuel oil, antifreezes and light chemicals in the drums.
Lubemate has included an additional padlock provision to prevent the theft of fluids and a bucket hanger to catch drips and minimise wastage.

Portable Fuel Filter Funnel: L-PFFL
Lubemate’s Portable Fuel Filter Funnel protects engines by filtering out water contaminants and debris in most fuels and light oils.
The patented design traps water, dirt and debris in the built-in filter down to a size of 100 microns, and sends pure fuel into the engine.
The filter screen is made of Teflon coated Stainless Steel making the Funnel virtually maintenance free.
The Portable Fuel Filter Funnel is made up of polypropylene body with carbon additives to facilitate static grounding, making the handling of fuels safer.

Fuel and Oil Funnel: L-FOFL
Lubemate’s new Fuel and Oil Funnel has been released to simplify pouring with a variety of fuels and oils.
The polyethylene material has been designed for outdoor use in varying temperatures for use with diesel, gasoline, kerosene, urea, oils, antifreeze and other water based products.
This wide mouth funnel is suitable for most openings and features a tie hole for easy hanging storage.

Stainless Steel Hand Pump: L-SSHP
Lubemate’s new Stainless Steel Hand Pump is self-priming and has exceptional chemical resistance, and delivers fluid at a flow rate of up to 600ml per stroke on drums sized between 50L and 250L.
The 316 grade stainless steel body with Teflon piston and seals makes it suitable for use with a wide variety of fluids.
The pump also includes a dual thread bung adaptor to suit both metal and plastic drums, an built-in lock nut for grounding static discharge and a spare set of seals and flow control tubes for reducing flow rate if required.

Stainless Steel Rotary Vane Pump: L-SSRP
Lubemate’s Stainless Steel Rotary Vane Pump provides quick and easy delivery of fluid. The 304 Stainless Steel body and Teflon vanes and seals makes the pump resistant to corrosion and provides the ability to transfer most chemicals, water based media and all petroleum products.
The stainless steel rotary pump can deliver fluids up to 4L per 20 turns and the 2” bung adaptor is compatible to use with wide range of 50-205L drums.
The pack includes the stainless steel pump body, handle, 2” bung adaptor, discharge spout and 3 piece threaded suction tube.

240V Stainless Steel UREA/DEF Transfer Pump: L-SSUP240V
Lubemate’s 240V Stainless Steel UREA/DEF Transfer Pump is specifically engineered for efficient and safe dispensing of diesel exhaust fluid/Adblue.
The UL (Underwrites Laboratories) safety standard recognised motor and its continuous duty cycle makes it safe to run the pump continuously without any stoppage.
The 304 grade Stainless Steel centrifugal vane pump differs with a better enhanced suction lift and self-priming feature with flow rate of up to 56 litres per minute.
The pump’s stainless steel body provides durability and allows it to be used with UREA/DEF, antifreeze, mild detergents, windshield fluid and water.
All Lubemate products come with a 12-Month Macnaught warranty.

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