For a fast, easy and secure ignition source

JAS Oceania is now supplying an innovative product that provides a vehicle ignition source quickly, easily and importantly, safely.
The LV Alternator Sensing Ignition Relay 12/24V provides a compact design and is ECU safe.
“This LV product is a game changer – it is an ignition relay that is practically plug and play and doesn’t affect a cars’ ECU,” JAS Oceania Accessories Product Manager, Dave Soorkia, said.
“As an Auto Electrical Specialist, JAS Oceania likes to source the latest and greatest products for our customers. We have introduced this product to make the process of finding an ignition source quicker and easier when completing a job.”
It will supply a ready solution for daytime running lights, DC to DC converters and beacons and comes with a three-year warranty.
JAS Oceania says it is thrilled to introduce this new product into the stable for the LV Automotive brand.
It states its LV Automotive brand is a trusted leader in the Australian market for quality and reliability, offering the latest technology and durable components ideal for various applications.
“This LV product is a great solution, as the Alternator Sensing Relay has the same footprint as a five pin mini relay and it’s ECU safe. Plus, it removes the headache of dealing with a CANBUS system for an ignition source,” Dave said.
JAS Oceania explains the LV Alternator Sensing Ignition Relay 12/24V can be installed with as little as three wires, and is a sturdy, solid state construction with no moving parts. It also reportedly offers zero risk to CAN or ECU lines.
JAS Oceania has 35 branches across Australia, employing over 200 people. The LV Alternator Sensing Ignition Relay 12/24V is available in store now.

For more information, please contact JAS Oceania National Sales Manager, Mitch Bullas, via or 03 9317 2608/0437 460 276.