The impressive vehicle has been dubbed the “#AUSSIEMAMBAMANIA MANN-FILTER Ford Ranger’

The new show vehicle will be used at trade shows and training events while also getting dirty by taking part in 4WD events.
The Ranger has been wrapped in MANN-FILTER’s race-winning Mercedes AMG #MAMBA livery and fitted with the latest MANN+HUMMEL ProVent 200 and PreLine-Plus Diesel Pre-Filter Kits.

ProVent 200
ProVent is MANN+HUMMEL’s innovation for crankcase ventilation and has a starring role on the company’s new #AUSSIEMAMBAMANIA MANN-FILTER Ford Ranger.
The ProVent has been specifically designed to accommodate the latest generation of turbo-charged engines and has the following advantages over existing solutions:
• Highly efficient oil separation as a closed as well as an open system, providing ideal protection for the turbocharger and other components installed downstream.
• Low pressure loss.
• Less motor oil consumption in comparison to less efficient separators or conventional open systems.
• Maintenance friendly: fittings are not removed during element maintenance.
• Universal usage: exceptional for variable flow rates.
• Flexible installation locations on the engine or in the engine compartment.
• Compact design.
• Light and robust design.
• Integrated safety feature against irregularly high crankcase pressure.
• No electrical energy required.
• Low running costs.

PreLine-Plus Diesel Pre-Filter Kits
MANN-FILTER explains its new Ford Ranger will also benefit from excellent water separation thanks to its PreLine-Plus Diesel Pre-Filter Kit.
The MANN+HUMMEL PreLine series separates more than 93 percent (according to ISO 4020) of water present in the fuel and so fulfils the requirements of leading injection system producers.
It says the perfectly matched interaction between the PreLine pre-filter and the MANN+HUMMEL main filter offers maximum protection for the sensitive injection system and contributes to the economic running of the engine.

And that’s not all
Already a showstopper, MANN+HUMMEL explains it was “super keen to get our MANN-FILTER Ranger to hit the streets, so while stage one is now complete, stage two is just around the corner.”
On behalf of MANN-FILTER Australia, MANN+HUMMEL would like to thank the following companies for their help and support in taking the new #AUSSIEMAMBAMANIA Ford Ranger from a dream to reality.
• City Ford – Ford Ranger – Wes Dawson, Steve Taulanga
• Exclusive Wraps – MANN-FILTER vehicle wrap – Jeff Lin
• Diesel Distributors – ProVent 200, PreLine 150, Rock Lights, Transchill Automatic Transmission Cooler Kit – Jeremy Bettison
• Opposite Lock – PIAK bar and tow bar, hard lid, recovery gear – Eddie Ziada
• Tough Dog – suspension – Blake Jones
• Road Safe – Upper control arms and recovery points – Troy Schipper
• ROH – 17+8 invader wheels – Ben Hosking
• Oricom – CB and antenna – Marlene Silva
• Roadvision – driving lights and light bar – Gary Parker and Jason Forkosh

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