The Series 53 Branch Disconnect Circuit Breaker is available from Prolec

Prolec, the official partner for Mechanical Products (MP) in Australia, is pleased to announce the release of its newest circuit protection device, the Series 53 Branch Disconnect Circuit Breaker.
Ideally suited for the RV, Truck, Heavy Equipment and Marine industries, the “one-of-a-kind” Series 53 Branch disconnect circuit breaker incorporates the features of traditional battery disconnect switching and circuit protection for house circuits into a single compact device.
Prolec says this unique combination of features, in a single rotary switch, allows cost savings by eliminating the added components, material and labour to install a separate battery switch and circuit breaker/fuse, while delivering effective battery management and house DC circuit protection.
To disconnect and protect circuits to 32VDC, the patent pending Series 53 is available with a built-in, press-to-reset circuit breaker rated from 10A – 60A* to protect a vehicle’s house circuits. Designed for use in harsh environments, the panel-mount Series 53 has 1/4”-20 stud terminations and is IP66 and IP67 Weatherproof rated and UL1500 Ignition Protected qualified. The Series 53 is also compliant to UL 1107, UL1077, SAE J553 and ABYC requirements.

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*Additional ratings may be available upon request.