These accessories are said to be the perfect match to the Mothers range of detailing products

Command Auto says it is proud to release new Mothers high performance car care accessories which feature unique high-quality detailing products to complement the Mothers Polish range and meet the needs of even the most discerning automotive enthusiast.
The team at Command says that high-quality construction ensures you can get the perfect professional finish you expect from Mothers.
Developed to improve the result and make the process easier, the new range includes high performance wash pads or mitts, which Mothers says are rugged, yet gentle, for a powerful clean.
Command Auto explains that you can feel comfortable when applying polishes, waxes or cleaners even more effectively with the new Mothers Foam Applicators and its unique integrated handle.
Additionally, the Command team states brake dust and dirt are no match for its new Slimmy and Curvy wheel brush, explaining that this new wheel brush greatly eases the effort to clean wheels of all shapes and sizes.
Further, the finer details are taken care of with the new Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush Set, which is perfect for instrument clusters, infotainment screens, consoles and more.
Finally, you can get an even more effective clean with the New Interior Leather Brush and Carpet Brush.
Command Auto says the new leather and carpet brushes can be used on their own, or in conjunction with Mothers Leather or Carpet Cleaners.

For more information or to secure the range for your store, please contact Command Auto Group on or 028853 2900 or visit