This facility promises to be an important product training resource

BAPCOR, Australasia’s largest automotive aftermarket specialised company, has announced the opening of a National Training Facility in Brisbane. This product training resource is available for the exclusive use of Precision Automotive Equipment and Burson Auto Parts team members, customers and suppliers. It will allow BAPCOR Automotive team members to fully familiarise themselves with all of the latest workshop equipment, safety features, operations, and more.
The potential for training opportunities at this facility is significant. It will provide a hands-on training opportunity for the sales teams, customers, and technicians that will take delivery of the equipment products. Trade customers who wish to observe the workshop products in full operation will also be welcomed to this facility.
“As automotive diagnostics and general workshop equipment continues to technologically evolve, detailed product training becomes much more important. It ensures that our team members and customers gain a strong understanding of the premium quality equipment products that we offer,” Precision Automotive Equipment General Manager, Peter Hewitt, said. “We look forward to conducting many training sessions in our new training facility and to welcoming our suppliers to also make use of this excellent training resource.”
BAPCOR has announced that the facility includes two fully equipped vehicle service bays with the latest Hunter Engineering and Rotary Lift products, which are exclusive to Precision Automotive Equipment. The company plans to add additional products over time as they are introduced to its equipment range. There is also a training room dedicated to the latest in vehicle diagnostics equipment. Additionally, there’s a formal seated training room complete with audio visual equipment.
The National Training Facility is located in Brisbane near the airport and the city. BAPCOR states that this makes it an ideal location for fly in and fly out training sessions while also being accessible to Precision Automotive Equipment’s many Queensland based customers.

To find out more about the new Precision Automotive Equipment National Training Facility and to arrange specific product training opportunities, contact Precision Automotive Equipment by calling 1300 366 252.