Nulon says Australian technology has produced an industry-leading performance oil

Using the most advanced technology available to the lubricant sector, Nulon says it has created an industry-leading Racing Oil to protect a wide range of modern and high-horsepower engines right here in Australia.
By combining a unique blend of Group 5 base stock with the best anti-wear additive package money can buy, Nulon has produced a full synthetic lubricant that does not break down under extreme loads.
Nulon says a primary concern when developing this racing oil was the dilution effects of water often found when running ethanol and methanol-based fuels.
“Customers are pushing their engines further and further these days, and with the introduction of ethanol-based fuels in the motorsport and tuning industries, we had to create an oil that would not only protect these engines but improve the longevity and performance of the lubrication,” Nulon Products’ Christopher Dawe said.
Nulon says customers were reporting that they were having to change their oils more frequently due to water contamination when running performance fuels and explains that Nulon Racing Oil protects against this contamination while maintaining a stable viscosity which protects engines over an extended drain interval.
Nulon Racing Oils are said to have a proven track record in Repco Supercars with KRE Race Engines making the switch in 2018 and reporting a noticeable reduction in engine wear and more stable oil pressure across the race event. Nulon says this has been replicated in top tier motorsport series across Australia and New Zealand.
To support its racing oil program, Nulon has introduced to the public an oil testing program, something typically reserved for motorsport teams.
Customers can simply purchase a test kit from Nulon’s website and send their oil sample to a testing lab via pre-paid postage, receiving a complete rundown on how their fluids are performing.
Nulon says this provides a better understanding of what protection their oil is providing their engine.
As part of the service, they will also receive a one-on-one consultation with a Nulon technical expert to give them recommendations on lubrication options and general engine health.

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