Bilstein has introduced a new line which features the high performance B6 Camper shock absorber

Bilstein says it is proud to introduce a tailor-made product line for motorhomes built around the B6 Camper shock absorber.
The company noted that classic van suspensions are designed for highly fluctuating load conditions, while motor homes are never truly empty.
Unsuitable suspensions can lead to poor stability in curves, loud driving noises, and a lack of general comfort.
Bilstein says this is why it has designed its new product line to meet the specific needs of the growing number of motorhome owners.
The B6 Camper configuration was first tested in the Fiat Ducato, which forms the basis for well over half the motorhomes in Europe and Bilstein says all identically constructed vehicles from Citroën and Peugeot were also taken into account.
Bilstein says its B6 Camper offers a significant increase in damping force compared with the standard damper.
Bilstein will also offer a variant with automatic damping force adjustment using a purely mechanical process.
This shock absorber will be able to automatically adjust its characteristics based on vibration feedback from the road. The B6 Camper is also available for semi-integrated vehicles.
Bilstein states that the benefits of the B6 Camper include a more comfortable riding experience, increased safety in crosswinds and on bends, a reduction in driving noise, and more precise handling.
Each vehicle application is individually tuned on a demanding course in the Bilstein road test at “ATP Automotive Testing Papenburg.”
Bilstein will be releasing more products in the line as the rigorous testing processes are completed.
“Caravan owners have been able to upgrade their towing vehicle for some time now with our improved Bilstein B6 series replacement shock absorber, which we also recommend to all other motorists due to its greater damping force,” Bilstein Academy Head, Rainer Popiol, said.
“But now, for the first time, we can also offer a special product for motorhomes.”

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